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The North Face Waterproof Jackets

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The North Face's Moto and design ethos is apparent in each and every one of these Waterproof Jackets.

The North Face Waterproof Jackets are built to exacting standards, constructing a barrier between you and the weather. Having a really decent Waterproof Jacket makes the world of difference to your outdoor adventures, by staying dry you will retain warmth and ultimately be able to stay the distance.

A good Waterproof Jacket needs to be highly breathable too, so that perspiration can escape through the pores of the fabric, leaving you dry on the inside. If your jacket is not breathable, then you will very quickly end up wet on the inside of your jacket, if there is moisture against your skin, then heat will be lost rapidly.

"The North Face Waterproof Jackets are built to exacting standards, constructing a barrier between you and the weather."

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The North Face Lenado Jacket

£299.99   £189.99

The North Face Goldmill Parka

£269.99   £159.99

The North Face Descendit Jacket

£239.99   £139.99  (1)

The North Face Boys Clement Triclimate Jacket

£159.99   £99.99

The North Face Mens Macugnaga Ski Jacket

£199.99   £99.99

The North Face Womens Upland Jacket

more colours available OTHER COLOURS

£129.99   £89.99

The North Face Girls Resolve Reflective Jacket

£54.99   £29.99  (1)


Page 1 of 1:    7 Items

This range of The North Face Waterproof Jackets are constructed from either GORE-TEX® or HyVent®; waterproof hard shell technologies that deliver phenomenal breathability and waterproofness (scroll down for more info.).

The North Face complete comprehensive and on-going testing and research through a dedicated team of world-class athletes, who consistently push the boundaries of possibility, of what they can physically achieve and what garments and equipment they need to achieve that. This extensive knowledge is then applied to all The North Face products, producing construction methods and feature sets that truly benefit you, the end-user.


GORE-TEX®  sets the bench-mark for waterproof wear. GORE-TEX®  does what it says on the tin and some. It is durably waterproof, windproof and optimally breathable. At the heart of a GORE-TEX® product lies the key to this performance; an extremely thin membrane that has over 9 billion pores per square inch allowing the fabric to be both water and windproof and to breath. The membrane is bonded to a high performance lining fabric and an outer shell textile. Once the garment has been constructed, all of the seams and tiny stitch holes are covered over by GORE-SEAM TAPE, for total liquid resistance. At this stage, each product prototype will be rigorously tested and put through it’s paces in the Rain Room which can simulate all types of rain, then a Comfort Test and then a severe and prolonged abrasion test. The Cold Flex test stresses the fabric at extreme low temperatures. The fabric must emerge from this battering still being durably waterproof and windproof. If it doesn’t hold up to GORE-TEX®’s exacting standards and punishing lab tests, then it’s sent straight back to the drawing board.

The North Face HyVent®

The North Face HyVent® is a waterproof, breathable technology that uses a tri-component polyurathane (PU) coating. This tri-component, multi-layer formula provides waterproof protection, moisture permeability (breathability) and durability. HyVent® technology has been both lab and field tested to ensure the best possible durability and breathability. Each The North Face HyVent garment is then subjected to 20 wash cycles where it pass retain an average of 60 PSI on the waterproof Mullens Test to pass muster and be used The North Face range.

There are different versions of HyVent® that are selected for a garment based on its intended activity. Most of The North Face Waterproof Jackets that we sell are constructed from 2-layer HyVent®:

2-layer HyVent®

2-Layer HyVent® is constructed with a durable woven outer layer that repels wet weather and protects from abrasion. Then there's the inner-layer that utilizes a polyurethane coating and micro-pores to channel water vapor to the outer layer. The finished fabric results in a exceptional waterproof, breathable technology that stays dry inside and out.

2-Layer HyVent® Benefits:

Protection in Rain and Snow
Repels Wet Weather
Redirects Water Vapor
Ideal for Climbing, Skiing and Hill Walking

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