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The North Face Gloves

Anatomically correct, warm gloves for skiing, mountain and general winter use. When you pull on a pair of The North Face gloves, your hand is instantly cosseted in welcome warmth. The North Face build in plenty of thoughtful technology to keep your hands warm and dry yet still dexterous. These gloves are built with Radiametric Articulation™ which mirrors your hand in its natural, relaxed position, resulting in a more comfortable, articulated, anatomically correct fit when the hand is at rest.

The North Face gloves also employ an industry-first 5 Dimensional Fit™, whereby five measurements are taken across the hand, allowing the glove construction to be based on your hand's required internal dimensions. The logic behind these advanced design techniques is to improve the blood flow to your hand and-consequently-warmth in cold weather.

"The North Face gloves build in plenty of thoughtful technology to keep your hands warm and dry yet still dexterous."

The North Face gloves are all designed around a specific activity or use. If you are mountaineering you want to plenty of dexterity to place ice screws, clip into a carabiner and handle your rope. But if on the other hand... you are going skiing, dexterity wont be quite so important allowing space for more insulation material to keep your hands warm. The built-in curve of Radiametric Articulation™ is enhanced further in a pair of The North Face Ski gloves, which are designed for constant ski-pole contact.

The North Face Wrist Oven™ is a built-in wrist leash that not only keeps your gloves attached to you, but provides a little pocket in which to place a handwarmer. Putting a handwarmer on your wrist instead of on the back of your hand ensures that the blood flowing to your hand is warmed for a more effective central heating aid. U|R Powered conductive technology enables you to operate touchscreens with all five fingers, even in lined and insulated gloves. The North Face gloves are now given a warmth rating too, which is helpful when you are comparing different glove options.

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