Play Outside in the Rain - Go On a Snail Hunt!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013  |  Alan - Escape 2

[IMG_1990] "Who can make the Biggest Splash?!"

Kozi Kidz Varberg Fleece Lined Rain Jacket & Dungarees Waterproof, Mud-proof and Kiddy-proof....

Back in deepest, darkest November 2012, we got fed-up with the mud in our neck of the woods. Every time we went outside to play in the garden or to take the dog for a walk, we came back plastered in the stuff! I lost track of how many outfits we were getting through in the day, and I really wanted the children to have the freedom to be children - to run about, splash and jump in puddles, no matter how muddy!

So at Escape 2, we did our research and asked lots of friends opinions on what worked well for them, and we came-up with the brand Kozi Kidz. Designed in Sweden purely with children in mind, their range draws on Scandinavian expertise both in terms of design aesthetics as well as the practicalities of living close to nature and being prepared for all weathers.

Well, I can only say it was a revolution for us! Hurray! The girls were able to be children again and play until their hearts content. Muddy puddles, streams, beaches, rock pools and the Mud Pie Kitchen (I'll save that idea for another day...) all became 'do-able' again. We even got to the point where they would still be wearing one outfit all day long. Whoopee!

[Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 12.05.46] The Girls Kozi Kidz Varberg Fleece Lined Rain Jacket in Tulip Print.

We went for the Kozi Kidz Varberg Fleece Lined Rain Jacket & Dungarees set.

Both the Kozi Kidz Varberg Fleece Lined Rain Jacket & Dungarees are fully waterproof, comfortable and warm enough without be boiling hot to run about in. Even yesterday in June, nearly July these were the jackets chosen to play in the rain.

There are little safety details like reflectors for visibility on darker days on the cuffs of the dungarees and coat and the hood detaches easily with poppers (a good safety feature, but you do have to be mindful of leaving it behind and it then not having it when it's needed).

The Kozi Kidz Varberg Fleece Lined Rain Dungarees have elasticated stirrups that hook over welly boots; works brilliantly well to prevent the trouser leg riding up above the boot.

[Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 12.11.08]

The elasticated shoulder straps can be easily adjusted for a better fit.

The cut around the chest/tummy area is plenty roomy enough to accommodate winter layers.

On really cold snowy days, this set (a) is not quite warm enough and (b) doesn't have the internal leg gaiter or coat snow skirt that their The North Face Ski Jackets and Salopettes have.

The only other things that our children don't like is the lack of pockets, which means you have to bring a pair of mitts to keep hands warm and there is nowhere to stow tissues and little treasures collected on the way. But...this does mean that the jackets are completely waterproof, whereas many other coats will leak water through the pocket bag.

Probably the thing I like the most compared to all our other outdoor kit is the fact that I can spray them off with the hose pipe when we get home, and they look as good as new once again!

Our children love the fact that "mummy even lets them lay down and roll-around in the fields again, and the colours are really pretty and bright". I know little boys love the car prints and the rainbow stripe versions too.

[Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 12.09.02]

Autumn & Winter fun on the beach.

.....Enjoy splashing and rock-pooling and staying dry!

Visit us at Escape 2 to buy your ticket to warm and dry fun with your children. We have a good selection of tried and tested kids and adults waterproof clobber. And we've got discounted prices across the Kozi Kidz range at the moment.

Have Your Say: I would love to hear about what kind of fun you and your children get up to outdoors and any tips or advise you have to share to make the experiences memorable for your family.


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