How To Wash Your Down Jacket

Thursday, 15 January 2015  |  Alan - Escape 2

Down Jacket Washing Instructions

When Down Jackets lose their loft or when they have a build-up of dirt or oils the effectiveness of the Down is reduced and it's recommended that you then machine wash your jacket. It's important to clean your Down jacket occasionally to maintain its loft and promote longevity; however it's best to do it only as needed.

  1. You can use a specific Down detergent from Grangers or Nikwax, or mild pure soap flakes (available from high street Chemists shops).
  2. It's a good idea to clean out the detergent drawer of your washing machine before you start too.
  3. Use a 30 degree, gentle wash cycle with a small amount of washing detergent and select a super rinse program.
  4. Arc'teryx suggest using two rinse cycles to completely remove all the cleaner.
  5. When you take the Jacket out of the washing machine, remove excess moisture before drying by laying the garment on a towel on a flat surface and gently pressing it with another clean towel.
  6. After doing this dry the jacket in a tumble drier on a low heat with two clean tennis balls to help retain its full loft.
  7. It may take upwards of three hours for down garments to dry fully but a garment will not be at its full loft/warmth until it is.
  8. Once dry remove the garment from the dryer immediately and store it unstuffed, in a dry place.

Simple really when you know how! It seems a little strange to tumble dry your Down Jacket, but it really is the only way to fully restore the loft of the Down. Tumble drying a Down Jacket has another advantage too - heat reactivates the DWR finish that the exterior of a premium Down Jacket or Vest will have been treated with. This means that rather than moisture soaking straight into the fabric, it can bead up and roll off.

Please do check the care label of your garment before washing, but this is the method we use for all of our own Arc'teryx and The North Face Down Jackets and Vests.


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