Arc'teryx Coreloft Review

Friday, 25 September 2015  |  Jen - Escape 2

Arc'teryx Coreloft Review

In this post I'm going to shed a little light on one of our favourite insulating materials; Arc'teryx Coreloft.

Arc'teryx (pronounced 'arc-tare-ix') use Coreloft as a Synthetic Insulation (or filing) in many of their best selling Insulated Jackets including the accomplished Arc'teryx Atom range.

There are many different types and qualities of insulation available to add extra warmth to a garment. The type of insulation you chose depends upon the weather conditions you anticipate encountering during its use.

Insulation can be either:

  • Down
  • Synthetic

Down Insulation

Down Insulation is a natural product from geese or duck. When premium Down is used, it offers unbeatable insulation in cold & dry conditions.

Down Advantages:

  • The highest warmth to weight ratio
  • Conforms closely to your body trapping heat closer to your core
  • Highly compressible

Down Disadvantages:

  • Unable to insulate in humid or wet conditions
  • Premium price
  • Care and maintenance require special attention

Synthetic Insulation

Man-made insulation is designed to mimic nature's genius insulation - Down. The micro filament fibres are constructed to create thermal air pockets that trap heat next to your body. It maintains its ability to insulate when it's wet or humid.

Synthetic Advantages:

  • Retains warmth in wet and humid conditions
  • Durable
  • Dries quickly
  • Easy to wash and care for

Synthetic Disadvantages:

  • Not as compressible as Down
  • Lower warmth to weight ratio than Down

arcteryx coreloft

So What is Arc'teryx Coreloft?

Now we have looked at the background of Down Insulation, Synthetic Insulation and the differences between them, I can go into the finer detail of Arc'teryx's Coreloft Insulation.

Coreloft was developed by Arc'teryx to provide a highly advanced insulating material that could mimic Down while overcoming some of Down's disadvantages. Put simply Arc'teryx created staple fibres of mixed sizes that are then crimped together to trap air and retain warmth.

Other Synthetic Insulation is often created with continuous fibre filaments which results in a more bulky, less compressible insulation. In practice this means that not as much insulation is needed to offer the same warmth.


Arc'teryx Coreloft Advantages:

  • Retains its warmth in wet and humid conditions
  • Durable and resilient
  • Dries quickly
  • Easy to machine wash and care for
  • More compressible than most other Synthetic Insulation
  • Soft and luxurious feel
  • Light weight
  • Less Coreloft is needed to provide the same warmth as inferior Synthetic Insulation
  • Very breathable
  • Functions well as an outer layer or as a mid layer in wet weather

Arc'teryx Coreloft Disadvantages:

  • Not as compressible as Down
  • Lower warmth to weight ratio than Down

As Coreloft is so easily compressible and resilient, you can pack it down into a tiny space in the corner of a rucksack or travel bag and as it's really light weight Coreloft makes for highly versatile Jackets.

Arc'teryx Coreloft is also used in Arc'teryx's Gloves providing warmth for your hands. The flexibility, softness and resiliency of Coreloft is ideal when used for this purpose too.


Perfect for Cold, Wet or Dry Conditions

In summary we recommend choosing an Arc'teryx Jacket with Coreloft Insulation if you want to use a Jacket in cold, wet or dry conditions. Coreloft works fantastically well in the UK, where our weather is so changeable. Coreloft will keep you nice and warm when it's cold and dry but when it's built into a Jacket like the Arc'teryx Atom, it will also do a great job should you get wet.

If you decide that Coreloft is the insulation for you, then head over to our Insulated Jackets category to find the Jacket most suited to your intended primary function!

We are always happy to answer any questions you have about Arc'teryx Coreloft, if you need a hand deciding if Coreloft is your best insulation choice drop us a line or pick up the phone.


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