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Evolution in action

For over twenty years, Arc’teryx have been relentless in their pursuit of design perfection. When you purchase an Arc’teryx product, you will be buying a piece that provides a focused solution for extremes. Extremes in weather, extremes in terrain, extremes in danger.

This pioneering approach to design the lightest, best performing, highest quality product is driven by Arc’teryx philosophy of constantly pushing the boundries of what is known. The Arc’teryx philosophy combines the critical elements of design, materials and construction. All Arc'teryx designs are functional and disciplined to bring you simplicity in the most demanding environments.

"Arc'teryx create high performance, hard wearing and reliable products from premium materials."

Materials are chosen to maximise the performance of the designs; they are selected without compromise to ensure durability, performance and reliability and they must be hard-wearing. Not content to select the best fabrics currently available, Arc’teryx drive for ever-improving performance has pushed through many fabric technology advancements with their fabric partners. This partnership is aptly demonstrated with the development of the industry-leading new generation of GORE-TEX Pro.

Construction methods are engineered to provide light-weight, clean and minimal products that are reliable, confident and will stand the test of time. Arc’teryx construction methods like the iconic WaterTight zippers are frequently imitated but never bettered.

At Escape 2 we select product that we truly trust, believe in and use ourselves. As an Authorised Arc’teryx Dealer we are proud to offer a very broad range of this exceptional product. And if you require a specific product that we don’t stock, we will happily order it especially for you.

Arcteryx AR 395a Climbing Harness

Arcteryx AR 395a Climbing Harness£119.99   £99.99

Arcteryx Alpha FL 30 Backpack

Arcteryx Alpha FL 30 Backpack£139.99   £124.99

more colours available OTHER COLOURS

Arcteryx Alpha FL 45 Backpack

Arcteryx Alpha FL 45 Backpack£149.99   £134.99

more colours available OTHER COLOURS

Arcteryx Cierzo 18 Backpack

Arcteryx Cierzo 18 Backpack£59.99   £53.99

more colours available OTHER COLOURS

Arcteryx Cierzo 28 Backpack

Arcteryx Cierzo 28 Backpack£79.99   £69.99

more colours available OTHER COLOURS

Arcteryx Maka 2 Hip Pack

Arcteryx Maka 2 Hip Pack£29.99   £26.99


more colours available OTHER COLOURS

Arcteryx Mens Atom SL Hoody

Arcteryx Mens Atom SL Hoody£159.99   £139.99


more colours available OTHER COLOURS

Arcteryx Covert Case C/O

Arcteryx Covert Case C/O£139.99   £119.99

Arcteryx Index 15 Backpack

Arcteryx Index 15 Backpack£39.99   £35.99

more colours available OTHER COLOURS

Arcteryx Squamish Hoody

Arcteryx Squamish Hoody£129.99   £114.99


more colours available OTHER COLOURS

Arcteryx Beta SL Hybrid Jacket

Arcteryx Beta SL Hybrid Jacket£299.99   £269.99

more colours available OTHER COLOURS

Arcteryx Gamma LT Hoody

Arcteryx Gamma LT Hoody£179.99   £149.99


more colours available OTHER COLOURS

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